Our innovation takes precision, ecological and durability into mind while carefully attending to the practical and financial aspects of architecture. As residential design, construction,  practices and lifestyles continue to evolve, we carefully evaluate new technologies, products, building methods and design trends to assess how best to incorporate them within each of our designs.

Contextual Design in Architecture

We pay particular attention to each home’s natural surroundings, views and connection to place. We design in harmony and balance with site geology, solar orientation and ecology to build homes with a profound sense of place.

Existing neighborhoods also come in a wide variety of styles; and we recognize that we build in a time and place that sometimes blends a contemporary way of life with a protected historical vernacular context.

Your home should inspire and delight your local neighbors and community and offer a good, pleasing and harmonious fit. We pay attention to the unique history and character of each neighborhood setting and draw from its best qualities in appropriate, complementary and respectful ways. In our more vernacular and contextual projects, building exteriors often hint at the careful blend of vernacular, clean modern lines and individuality within.


We have always honored environmental thinking. At Tobin Dougherty Architects, we became proponents of designing in environmentally conscious ways and began incorporating key principles of energy efficient ecological building and material use years before green came into vogue. Our portfolio of passive and active solar homes designs has long pioneered the use of local, natural and recycled building materials.

Our work has a strong record of many innovative green building standards, products and practices that continue to evolve. We continue and have been notably successful in delivering sustainable buildings that earn superior LEED and GreenPoint ratings.

Today, energy efficiency and sustainability must be the integral part of the project design and development, rather than something tacked on to satisfy code requirements. It takes years of hands-on experience to find the right balance between emerging approaches and time-tested best practices in siting, orienting, detailing and equipping homes. Designing and constructing high quality, beautifully comfortable, energy efficient homes – long-lived sustainable designs that also work as an economic value proposition and incorporate proven practices – is an art unto itself.


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